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Private-Label Capabilities

What can we do for you?

​While Prestige Ameritech manufacturers and markets its own products under ProGear®, Anexa Biomedical, and NORTH™, we are also the trusted private-label and contract-manufacturing partner of many other medical companies.​

Innovation, automation, speed-to-market and uncommon customer service make Prestige Ameritech a great business partner.

The Prestige team is skilled in developing, improving and manufacturing medical products made from non-woven fabrics, films, elastics, tapes and other webs. The products that we manufacture tend to be flat in nature.

Below is a representative list of products that we can manufacture for your company. Contact us today to discuss your new product or product improvement.


  • Surgical Masks

  • ​N95 Respirators

  • Face Shields

  • Ice Packs

  • Wound Care Dressings

  • Wound Covers

  • Skin Closures

  • Tube/Catheter Holders

  • Tracheostomy Tube Holders

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